Act Now! These Class Action Settlement Claim Deadlines Are Approaching in May 2024

These class action settlement claim deadlines are in May.

Don't Miss Out! May Class Action Settlement Deadlines Approach

Several class action settlements have deadlines in May 2024. Find out if you're eligible for compensation for data breaches, unwanted calls, swiped fees, misleading investments, and more!

Data Breach Class Action Settlements

ACTS Retirement: $1 Million Settlement

If your personal information was exposed in the April 2022 data breach of ACTS Retirement Services, you may be eligible for this class action settlement. ACTS Retirement Services has agreed to pay over $1 million to resolve allegations that it failed to adequately protect the personal information of nearly 21,000 individuals affected by the breach. Claim deadline: May 1, 2024.

First Financial Credit Union: $1.6 Million Settlement

Did you bank with FFCU between January and February 2022 and receive a data breach notification? You could be eligible for up to $5,000 for out-of-pocket expenses or identity theft. Claim deadline: May 2, 2024.

Novant Health MyChart: $6.6 Million Settlement

Did Novant Health inform you about a potential disclosure of your personal information due to website tracking technology? The settlement offers cash payments. Claim deadline: May 6, 2024.

Five Guys: $700,000 Settlement

Did Five Guys notify you about a December 2022 data breach? You might be entitled to reimbursement for expenses or credit monitoring. Claim deadline: May 6, 2024.

Hope College: $1.5 Million Settlement

Students whose information was compromised in Hope College's September 2022 data breach can claim up to $5,000 or credit monitoring services. Claim deadline: May 7, 2024.

Avem Health Partners: $1.45 Million Settlement

Patients notified by Avem Health Partners in December 2022 about a potential data breach may be eligible for reimbursement, credit monitoring, or a cash payment. Claim deadline: May 25, 2024.

Unwanted Texts and Telemarketing Calls Class Action Settlements

Robinhood Text Messages: $9 Million Settlement

Washington residents who received unsolicited Robinhood referral texts between 2017 and 2024 can claim $90. Claim deadline: May 13, 2024.

Chicago Cubs Texts: $1.225 Million Settlement 

Did you receive two or more marketing text messages from the Chicago Cubs after requesting them to stop? If so, you may be entitled to compensation as part of a proposed class action settlement. Claim deadline: May 17, 2024.

Choice Health Telemarketing Calls: $7 Million Settlement

Did Choice Health bombard you with unwanted telemarketing calls? You could receive up to $33.79 if you were on the Do Not Call Registry. Claim deadline: May 20, 2024.

False Advertising Class Action Settlements

LasikPlus: $1.25 Million Settlement

Did you visit LasikPlus or Joffe MediCenter for a LASIK consultation and didn't go through with the surgery because the advertised price wasn't available to you? This settlement resolves claims that they advertised LASIK surgery for less than $300 per eye, a price the FTC claims was unattainable for most. Claim deadline: May 20, 2024.

Naturelo Magnesium Supplements: $1.5 Million Settlement

Did you purchase Magnesium Supplements from Naturelo from September 1st, 2018 through February 28th, 2024? The Plaintiff alleges Naturelo violated the law by selling Naturelo Magnesium Supplements marketed as containing 200mg of magnesium as glycinate chelate when, in fact, they did not. You may be eligible for a cash payment of up to $24.95 per unit purchased. Claim deadline: May 28, 2024

Antitrust Class Action Settlements

Real Estate Commissions: $208.5 Million Settlement

Did you sell a home and pay a commission in the U.S. during a specific period? You could benefit from a $208.5 million class action settlement involving brokers like RE/MAX and Keller Williams, accused of inflating fees against antitrust laws. Claim deadline: May 9, 2025

Visa Mastercard Merchant Fees: $5.5 Billion Settlement 

Did your business accept Visa or Mastercard payments between January 1, 2004, and January 25, 2019? You might be eligible for a payout from a class action settlement resolving a lawsuit where Visa and Mastercard were accused of conspiring to set high swipe fees and preventing merchants from suggesting alternative payment methods to customers. Claim deadline: May 31, 2024.

Debt Collection and Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)  Class Action Settlements

Nicholas Financial Debt Collection: $750,000 Settlement

Did you get a notice from Nicholas Financial about a repossessed car between April 1st, 2015 and December 1st, 2022? They never took you to court and you didn't file for bankruptcy? This settlement may apply to you. Claim deadline: May 15, 2024.

SH Group FCRA: $630,000 Settlement 

Were you the subject of consumer reports by Sterling Infosystems or used by SH Group? You might qualify for a payout from a class action settlement alleging they didn't follow Fair Credit Reporting Act guidelines. Claim deadline: May 22, 2024.

Securities Class Action Settlements

Novavax (NASDAQ: NVAX): $47 Million Settlement

Did Novavax mislead investors about its COVID-19 vaccine development? This settlement resolves claims that Novavax and its leaders made false statements affecting its stock price, leading to a lawsuit under federal securities laws. Claim deadline: May 18, 2024.

Peloton (NASDAQ: PTON): $13.95 Million Settlement 

Did you or a family member buy Peloton securities between September 11, 2020, and May 5, 2021? This class action settlement resolves claims Peloton falsely assured the safety of its Tread and Tread+ machines during this period. Claim deadline: May 21, 2024.


  • Carefully review the settlement websites for complete details and eligibility requirements.
  • Meeting the claim deadline is crucial to receive any benefits.
  • Keep an eye out for future notifications about settlements that may impact you.

If you don't qualify for any of these settlements, don't give up! Check out our database of other open class action settlements you may be eligible for. We regularly update this resource to help consumers protect their rights and seek compensation for wrongdoing.



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