Kennywood Season Pass Lawsuit: Steel Curtain Closure Sparks Complaint

Kennywood season pass class action lawsuit

Kennywood Amusement Park Sued Over Closed Steel Curtain: Season Pass Holders Seek Refunds

A Pennsylvania thrill-seeker is suing Kennywood amusement park on behalf of himself and other season pass holders who were disappointed to find out the park's signature ride, the Steel Curtain roller coaster, wouldn't be operating in 2024.

Kennywood Steel Curtain closed: Season passholders feel cheated

Joshua Miller of Pennsylvania alleges Kennywood misled customers by heavily advertising the Steel Curtain in its 2024 season pass promotions. The lawsuit claims Miller, along with potentially thousands of others, purchased season passes based on the expectation of riding the popular coaster.

However, just days after Miller bought his pass, Kennywood announced the Steel Curtain would be closed for the entire 2024 season. Miller argues the park knew about the closure well in advance but withheld this information to avoid losing season pass sales.

He says the Steel Curtain began operation in 2019 and is billed as the "flagship

attraction" at Kennywood Park. The ride reaches a height of 220 feet, and sends riders on a two-minute rush through 4,000 feet of track at 76 miles per hour.

The park created online, print, television and e-mail advertising that included the Steel Curtain roller coaster and enticed him to purchase the 2024 season pass, Miller says. 

But on April 17, after making the purchase, Miller says Kennywood announced the Steel Curtain would be closed for the entirety of the 2024 season. He says the park duped customers out of their money, knowing the main attraction was not going to be operational, and now he wants compensation.

Lawsuit seeks compensation for deceived season pass holders

Miller says he believes that Kennywood knew well in advance of April 17 that it would shut down the Steel Curtain for the 2024 season, and withheld the information from purchasers so as not to lose season pass customers or have to offer a discount.

He says these customers relied “to their detriment” on Kennywood’s communications in their belief that all of the rides in the park would be functional in the 2024 season, including the Steel Curtain. Miller seeks:

  • $100 per violation of Pennsylvania's Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Laws for each affected season pass holder.
  • Interest, fees, and court costs.
  • A jury trial.

The lawsuit aims to represent all season pass holders who purchased passes before April 17, 2024, unaware of the Steel Curtain's closure.

History of amusement park ticketing issues

This isn't the first time amusement parks have faced legal action regarding ticketing practices. In recent months, lawsuits targeted:

  • Adventureland Amusement Park (NY): Two lawsuits were filed over hidden online processing fees in February. The plaintiffs claim that while purchasing tickets to the amusement park, they were initially quoted one price for their order, but a “processing fee” to complete the transaction was added to the bill once the tickets were placed in their electronic cart.

Miller and the proposed class are represented by John A. Biedrzycki, III, Esquire.

The Kennywood amusement park season pass class action lawsuit is Miller v. Festival Fun Parks LLC, Case No. GD-23-004627, in the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.



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