HP Care Pack Rebates Under Fire in Class Action Lawsuit

hp care pack lawsuit

Customers Allege Rebate Difficulties and Deceptive Practices

It may be one the world’s richest computer manufacturers, having generated more than $53 billion in 2023, but HP is unwilling to give consumers any of their hard earned money back, even when they’re entitled to a rebate, a new class action lawsuit alleges. 

The lawsuit filed in California accuses the company of:

  • Failing to issue promised rebates to customers who purchased Care Packs.
  • Deceptive practices in their marketing and administration of the program.

Trouble recovering rebates: A customer’s experience

Mary Pattison of Houston Texas filed the lawsuit accusing the company of breach of contract after she bought two HP computers and the $184.99 “Risk Free” HP Care Pack in 2020 with the understanding she would get the money for the care pack returned after three years if she didn’t use it, but, despite many attempts at getting reimbursed, she’s never received the money — or any help.

In the lawsuit, she describes being given the runaround by employees, being told to call dead phone lines, never being responded to, and encountering a number of other frustrating dead ends. In the end her only option left was legal action. 

“[HP] wantonly, maliciously, oppressively deliberately, with intent to defraud, and in reckless disregard of Plaintiff’s and the Class members’ rights engaged in a systematic and intentional scheme to defraud consumers by making false representations about the Care Pack programs,” she argues. 

Not an isolated incident: A community of frustration

Pattison isn’t alone dealing with the Care Pack issue. As the lawsuit puts it, the Care Pack program receives negative reviews on HP’s website. Customers complain about difficulties obtaining rebates and a lack of support. 

Comments from “Verified Purchasers” include, “Carepack [sic] support non existent,” “Not happy,” “NOT delivered CARE PLAN,” and “The support assistant sent me a message trying to get me to buy the care pack even though I purchased it a month ago.”

At the same time, consumers are complaining to HP and each other about never being able to access their rebates at the end of the three year period. “Called the number provided by HP support community multiple times with no call backs or anyone available that has the authorization to send me my rebate,” one consumer wrote on HP support, echoing statements from many others. 

Seeking damages for alleged misconduct

Given the trouble she encountered, Pattison seeks damages for herself and other class members. The lawsuit argues HP's actions constitute:

  • False representations about the Care Pack program.
  • Failure to disclose material information about the program.
  • Improper program administration.
  • Failure to honor rebates.

The lawsuit seeks compensation for:

  • The cost of the Care Pack.
  • Lost benefit of the bargain.
  • Time and opportunity costs associated with trying to obtain rebates.
  • Consequential damages related to purchasing computers and equipment covered by the Care Pack.
  • Nominal damages.

HP faces multiple legal challenges

This Care Pack lawsuit isn't HP's only legal hurdle in 2024. Earlier this year, the company faced:

  • An antitrust lawsuit in Chicago. Consumers allege HP printers intentionally reject non-HP ink cartridges, forcing inflated prices for HP-branded cartridges.

  • A separate lawsuit concerning printer functionality. This lawsuit claims HP intentionally designs printers to malfunction when low on ink, pressuring ink purchases.

Pattison wants to represent HP consumers from across the country. 

The plaintiff and proposed class are represented by John P. Kristensen of Kristensen Law Group; Jarrett Ellzey of Ellzey & Associates; and David E. Wynne of Burdine Wynne LLP.

The HP Care Pack rebates class action lawsuit is Pattison v HP Inc., Case No. 3:24-cv-02752-MMC in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, San Francisco Division.



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