Fitness Fiasco: Man Sues Marriott Over Alleged Injury at Hotel Gym

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Marriott Faces A Personal Injury Lawsuit After A Guest Alleges A Hotel Gym Accident.

When we head to a hotel gym, we're looking for a stress-busting session, not a trip to the ER. But for one man, a visit to the Marriott Courtyard Boston Downtown Hotel's fitness center turned into a legal battle.

A workout gone wrong

Douglas Carr's workout at a Massachusetts Marriott took an unexpected turn when a fitness center bench press collapsed, leading to a legal claim filed in February against the hospitality company for his resulting injuries.

The event in question unfolded at the Marriott Courtyard Boston Downtown Hotel, where Carr, visiting from St. Augustine, Florida, aimed to maintain his fitness routine. His experience highlights a vital concern: even routine activities, like exercising at a hotel gym, can lead to unforeseen personal injury when equipment fails.

The aftermath of the collapse

Following the collapse, Carr reported the incident to the hotel staff, who, according to the complaint, assured him that an investigation would be conducted. However, Carr alleges that his subsequent request for video footage, which could provide essential details about the incident, was denied. 

This refusal, he claims, obstructed his medical providers from fully understanding the extent of his injuries, particularly whether he sustained a head injury during the fall, reported LegalNewsline.

Allegations of negligence and indifference

Carr's lawsuit, filed in Suffolk County Superior Court, accuses Marriott International, Inc., and Marriott Claims Services Corporation of knowing about the equipment's propensity for failure and not addressing it. 

Further, the suit alleges that the hotel and its representatives, including claims adjuster Allison Adams, did not take appropriate steps to address his concerns or offer compensation for his injuries.

Safety in fitness centers

Carr's story is a reminder of the risks lurking in gyms and health clubs. These spaces, while designed for improvement and rejuvenation, are not immune to causing serious harm. Owners and operators of such facilities owe a duty of care to their patrons, a responsibility to keep the premises safe from dangerous and defective conditions.

Hotel and resort gyms, much like their independent counterparts, can be scenes of accidents leading to an array of injuries. These can range from falls due to cluttered equipment, assaults in inadequately secured areas, to mishaps caused by the equipment itself. The risks are varied:

  • Assaults in poorly lit or unmonitored areas
  • Trips and falls over gym equipment
  • Slips in changing rooms and showers
  • Misplaced towels causing falls
  • Equipment-related injuries

What this personal injury case could mean for you

If you've been hurt at a gym or fitness center, Carr’s personal injury case might resonate with you. These kinds of incidents aren't just about the medical bills; they affect your whole life. Getting a free review of your case can help you understand what help you can get, and start you on the path to making things right and getting back on your feet.



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