Paraquat Lawsuit Roundup: MDL Grows as Fight Over Science Continues

developments in paraquat litigation

New Cases Surge Despite Expert Witness Setback

The Paraquat litigation continues to gain momentum, with a recent surge in new cases even as a key scientific witness' testimony was excluded.

MDL sees influx of new cases

The Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) handling Paraquat lawsuits saw a significant increase in activity in May 2024. On May 1st, a total of 225 new cases were added, bringing the total number of cases to 5,590. 

This follows a slower month in March, indicating the litigation is still attracting a steady stream of plaintiffs.

Setback in bellwether trials

While the MDL grows, plaintiffs suffered a setback in April. The judge presiding over the case dismissed four bellwether trials after excluding the testimony of Dr. Martin Wells, a key expert on the general causation linking Paraquat exposure to Parkinson's disease. 

Without this expert's evidence, the judge ruled the plaintiffs couldn't establish a causal connection, a critical element of their claims.

Despite this hurdle, the litigation shows no signs of stopping. Plaintiffs' attorneys are developing new strategies, and the judge has ordered the selection of 16 new cases for further investigation. This suggests a revised approach focusing on different expert witnesses or legal arguments. 

Additionally, subpoenas were issued to the USDA, seeking information on how Paraquat is regulated.

The science behind the lawsuits

The lawsuits center on research suggesting a link between Paraquat exposure and Parkinson's disease

A 2011 study by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) found that those exposed to Paraquat were 2.5 times more likely to develop the disease compared to those with no exposure. The scientific theory centers on Paraquat potentially disrupting how cells handle oxygen, leading to cellular damage similar to what's seen in Parkinson's patients.

Resources for those affected

If you're concerned about potential Paraquat exposure and its connection to Parkinson's disease, here are some helpful resources:

Considering legal options

Individuals who suspect Paraquat exposure and are experiencing Parkinson's disease symptoms should consult a doctor and discuss their situation with a lawyer experienced in environmental exposure cases. This will help them understand their legal options.



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