Smoke and Mirrors: Zyn Nicotine Pouches Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Marketing to Youth

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Tobacco Giant Philip Morris Faces A Class Action Lawsuit That It Intentionally Markets Zyn Nicotine Pouches To Young Consumers.

Zyn nicotine pouches are serving up more than just a nicotine kick. Concern has arisen over the brand's popularity, especially with a demographic that arguably should be nowhere near nicotine products — youth. According to a report by BNN Bloomberg, Philip Morris International, the powerhouse behind the Zyn brand, is facing a proposed class action lawsuit with claims that their product is not only addictive but also poses harm to young consumers.

This Zyn lawsuit isn't just about the ingredients inside Zyn pouches; it's about the message they're sending. Bailey Wolters, the plaintiff leading the charge in this case, asserts that PMI and Swedish Match use targeted marketing aimed squarely at younger consumers.

"Consumers believe they are purchasing products that are safe for use and expect that the risks are clearly communicated," states the lawsuit.

The Ingredient at the Center: Nicotine in Zyn

Specifically, the Zyn lawsuit hones in on the nicotine — the center of Zyn's pull.

"Independent lab tests have indicated that Zyn pouches deliver more nicotine than cigarettes," the complaint alleges, casting doubt on the brand's positioning as a safer smoking alternative.

For many like Wolters, the allure of Zyn was its promise of a smokeless nicotine experience, an alternative to the well-documented risks of cigarette smoking. However, this lawsuit claims that what was sold as a bridge to a less harmful nicotine consumption is marred by misleading marketing and inadequate warnings about its potential dangers.

"Consumers have suffered not just health-wise but economically, having been led to purchase products under false pretenses," the Zyn lawsuit argues. It's a stance against not just Zyn but a marketing strategy that allegedly preys on the uninformed trust of consumers, especially those younger or naive about tobacco products.

Beyond the Pouch: What Wolters and Co. Seek

Wolters isn't just chasing after a financial remedy; he’s demanding clarity and honesty from PMI and Swedish Match. "I would consider using Zyn products again, but only if they accurately disclosed the nicotine content," Wolters says.

The Zyn class action lawsuit seeks to represent a proposed class of California consumers all who've purchased Zyn pouches in the past four years, and, importantly, is demanding a change in how these products are presented to the public.

Wolters and the proposed class are represented by Martin Schmidt of Schmidt National Law Group and Scott P. Schlesinger, Jonathan R. Gdanski, Jeffrey L. Haberman, and Sarah J. Foster of Schlesinger Law Offices P.A.

The Zyn nicotine patches class action lawsuit is Wolters et al v. Swedish Match North America, LLC and Philip Morris International Inc., Case No. 3:24-cv-00417-AGS-MMP, in the U.S District Court for the Southern District of California.



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