Claims Now Open! Suave Deodorant Benzene Settlement Offers Reimbursement

suave deodorant class action settlement

Suave Deodorant Benzene Settlement: Get Reimbursed for Recalled Products, Claims Now Open!

Attention Suave deodorant users! If you purchased a specific Suave antiperspirant spray in 2021 or 2022, you may be eligible for a payout from a recently announced class action settlement. This settlement stems from concerns about the presence of benzene, a carcinogen, in certain Suave products.

What is Benzene?

Benzene is a colorless liquid with a sweet odor. It's a common chemical found in various industrial products, including gasoline, plastics, and certain dyes. Unfortunately, it can also be a contaminant found in some personal care products.

Exposure to benzene is a health concern because it has been linked to several health problems, including:

  • Certain cancers, particularly leukemia and some blood cancers
  • Skin irritation and respiratory problems with high levels of exposure

It's important to note that the levels of benzene found in the recalled Suave products were considered to be "slightly elevated." However, due to the potential health risks, Unilever initiated a recall and also agreed to settle this class action lawsuit.

Lawsuit alleged benzene contamination and manufacturing issues

In November 2021, a class action lawsuit was filed against Unilever, the parent company of Suave. The lawsuit alleged that certain Suave antiperspirant sprays contained benzene and that Unilever failed to adhere to good manufacturing practices set by the FDA. The lawsuit also claimed that by selling these potentially contaminated products, Unilever violated federal law and the Illinois Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

Following the lawsuit, Unilever initiated a voluntary recall in March 2022 of two specific Suave antiperspirant sprays:

  • Suave 24-Hour Protection Aerosol Antiperspirant Powder (4oz and 6oz)
  • Suave 24-Hour Protection Aerosol Antiperspirant Fresh (6oz)

Settlement reached, claims process now open

While Unilever maintains they did nothing wrong, they have agreed to a $2 million settlement to resolve the lawsuit. This settlement is now open for claims from anyone who purchased the listed Suave antiperspirant sprays during the relevant timeframe.

How to claim your share of the Suave deodorant benzene settlement

There are two ways to claim your portion of the settlement, depending on whether you have proof of purchase for the Suave deodorant in question:

  • With Proof of Purchase: If you have a receipt or other documentation showing you purchased one of the covered Suave antiperspirant sprays, you can claim a refund for the full purchase price of the product(s).

  • Without Proof of Purchase: Even without a receipt, you can still file a claim and receive compensation of up to $3.29 for each of up to three Suave antiperspirant sprays you may have purchased.

For more information on the settlement, how to file a claim, and the deadline for claims, visit the official settlement website by clicking here.