OneWheel Lawsuits Gain Momentum: Safety Defect or User Error?

onewheel stopping defect

OneWheel Lawsuits Mount Over Alleged Stopping Defect

The rise of electric skateboards has brought excitement and innovation, but also safety concerns. One particular model, the OneWheel by Future Motion Inc., is facing a growing number of lawsuits alleging a dangerous defect that can cause serious injuries.

Riders thrown off balance by sudden stops

This defect, often referred to as a "nosedive,"  is said to occur when the OneWheel abruptly stops mid-ride, throwing the rider off balance and onto the ground. Lawsuits detail a range of injuries sustained in these incidents, including:

  • Fractures in the foot, ankle, and heel
  • Ligament damage
  • Paralysis
  • Concussion and traumatic brain injury

These OneWheel lawsuits allege the nosedive defect can happen due to a malfunction or during a pushback maneuver, a safety feature intended to slow the board. 

Recent developments in the OneWheel MDL

The OneWheel MDL continues to grow, with a new lawsuit filed on April 15th in Florida. This latest OneWheel injury case, involving a rider who fractured their foot and heel after a sudden shutoff and nosedive, brings the total number of consolidated cases to 43.

Selection of bellwether cases is another key development.  These trials act as a microcosm of the broader litigation, offering a preview of how juries might respond to evidence.  On April 11th, Future Motion proposed three cases for bellwether status. Plaintiffs will submit their own choices next week. The selection of these bellwether cases could significantly impact the future direction of the MDL, potentially influencing settlements and streamlining the process.

Future Motion's response and the CPSC's push for recall

Future Motion maintains the OneWheel is safe when used properly with recommended safety gear. The company argues against a full recall but did issue a voluntary recall for the front sensor footpads on the GT model after reports of the board failing to stop upon dismount. However, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) believes the risk of serious injury justifies a full recall.

Looking ahead: Bellwether trials and potential resolutions

The selection of bellwether cases and their outcomes will be a significant turning point in this ongoing litigation. With new onewheel injury lawsuits emerging and the CPSC advocating for a recall, Future Motion faces mounting pressure. Whether these issues can be resolved through settlements or require further trials remains to be seen.



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