Mercedes-Benz S580 Owners Sue Over Allegedly Defective Wheels, Citing Safety Concerns and Warranty Denial

mercedes benz defective wheels class action lawsuit

S580 Owners Allege Faulty Wheels, Safety Issues, and Warranty Denial

A proposed class action lawsuit filed in Georgia federal court alleges that Mercedes-Benz is equipping certain S580 sedans with faulty 21-inch AMG V-multispoke wheels that can lead to serious safety issues and costly repairs. 

The lawsuit, filed by Las Vegas resident David Chappell, accuses the automaker of failing to disclose the alleged defect and denying warranty coverage for repairs, despite being aware of the problem.

Safety concerns take center stage

The lawsuit centers on the claim that the 21-inch wheels are unable to handle the weight of the S580. This, according to the complaint, can lead to a number of safety hazards, including:

  • Tire blowouts: The lawsuit alleges the wheels are prone to causing sudden and repeated tire blowouts, which can significantly impair a driver's ability to control the vehicle.

  • Punctures and cracked rims: The suit further contends that the wheels are susceptible to punctures and cracks, further compromising the vehicle's stability.

  • Sidewall bubbling: The complaint describes issues with sidewall bubbling, a phenomenon where the tire's sidewall bulges outward, indicating potential structural damage.

Chappell's experience is highlighted as an example of the alleged safety risks. "As he was driving through New Mexico on a road trip from Las Vegas to Florida in January of this year," the lawsuit states, "the front driver's side tire of his S580 blew out." 

The incident, according to the complaint, forced Chappell and his wife to stay in a hotel overnight and required a tow truck to transport the vehicle to a Mercedes dealer hundreds of miles away.

Financial strain and warranty denial allegations

The lawsuit goes beyond safety concerns, alleging that Mercedes-Benz is aware of the defect but has actively concealed it from drivers. This lack of transparency, the complaint argues, has resulted in many S580 owners being forced to pay out of pocket for repairs that should be covered under warranty.

In the complaint, Chappell details how he "paid almost $500 for the repair, which the dealer 'refused to cover under warranty.'" Just five days later, the lawsuit alleges, Chappell experienced a second blowout while driving in Tennessee, incurring repair costs exceeding $1,000. 

A service advisor at the dealership is quoted in the lawsuit as allegedly admitting, "the salesperson 'should never have sold [him] the vehicle with 21” rims knowing that he was going across the country.'"

According to the lawsuit, these incidents, despite occurring within seven months of purchasing the vehicle and well within the warranty period, were denied coverage because Mercedes-Benz attributed the blowouts to factors outside the warranty, such as potholes or driver error.

Seeking justice for S580 owners

Chappell seeks to represent all U.S. residents who purchased or leased a 2021-present Mercedes-Benz S580 equipped with the 21-inch AMG V-multispoke wheels. He aims to achieve the following:

  • Hold Mercedes-Benz accountable for the alleged defect: The lawsuit seeks to compel Mercedes-Benz to acknowledge the defect and take responsibility for the safety risks and financial burdens it has caused S580 owners.

  • Compensate owners for repair and replacement costs: The lawsuit argues that S580 owners who have experienced problems with the wheels should be reimbursed for repairs and replacements they were forced to pay for out-of-pocket.

  • Potential redesign of the wheels: A successful lawsuit could force Mercedes-Benz to redesign the 21-inch AMG V-multispoke wheels to address the alleged weight-bearing limitations.

The plaintiff is represented by Nathaniel James Heber of Heber Law Firm LLC and Tarek H. Zohdy, Cody R. Padgett, Laura E. Goolsby, and Nathan N. Kiyam of Capstone Law APC.

The Mercedes-Benz defective wheels class action lawsuit is David Chappell et al v. Mercedes-Benz USA LLC et al, Case No. 1:24-cv-01989, in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, Atlanta Division.



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