Insignia Pressure Cooker Recall & Lawsuits: Over 900,000 Units Pose Burn Risk

insignia pressure cooker recall

Check Model Numbers, Get Free Replacements & Understand Your Legal Options

In October 2023, a safety issue with Insignia pressure cookers, a popular brand sold by Best Buy and Amazon, led to a large-scale recall. The culprit? Incorrect volume markings on the inner pots. This seemingly minor error could have major consequences. Overfilling the pot due to the misleading markings could cause an explosion of hot liquids and food during venting or opening, posing a serious burn hazard to users.

The risk of overfilling

According to the recall notice, pressure cookers with incorrect volume markings pose a serious risk. If users unknowingly overfill the pot, the consequences could be disastrous. During venting using the quick release method or when opening the cooker while pressurized, the excess contents could be forcefully ejected, potentially causing burns to those nearby.

Affected models and what to do

Best Buy has received concerning reports related to this issue. The recall notice states that 31 incidents occurred where contents were expelled from the pressure cookers while under pressure, with 17 of those incidents resulting in burn injuries.

The recalled Insignia pressure cookers were sold nationwide at Best Buy stores and online at Amazon between October 2017 and June 2023, with prices ranging from $50 to $120.

Here's what you need to know if you own an Insignia pressure cooker:

  • Recalled Models: The recall encompasses Insignia pressure cookers with model numbers NS-MC60SS8, NS-MC60SS9, and NS-MC80SS9. Additionally, inner cooker pots sold separately as replacements (model numbers NS-MCRP6NS9 and NS-MCRP6SS9) are also included.

  • Immediate Action: If you own one of these pressure cookers, stop using it immediately to avoid any potential injuries.

  • Replacement Program: Best Buy is offering free replacements for both the inner pot and the floating locking valve (which signals pressure) for all recalled models. Contact Best Buy at 1-888-359-4485 or visit their website here to initiate the replacement process.

Insignia pressure cooker class action lawsuit launched

In the wake of the recall, a Georgia resident named George Dean filed a class action lawsuit against Best Buy on behalf of himself and other consumers who purchased the affected Insignia pressure cookers. The lawsuit alleges that Best Buy:

  • Sold a Defective Product: The pressure cookers are inherently dangerous due to the faulty volume markings.

  • Misrepresented Product Safety: Best Buy marketed the Insignia pressure cookers as safe, failing to disclose the potential burn hazard.

  • Could Have Implemented Safer Designs: The lawsuit argues that alternative designs with accurate volume markings could have prevented this issue.

Seeking legal help for injuries

According to the recall notice, Best Buy received reports of 17 burn injuries related to the pressure cooker malfunction. If you suffered injuries due to a faulty Insignia pressure cooker, you may be entitled to compensation. Consider contacting a lawyer specializing in product liability to discuss your legal options.



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