Feeling the Heat: The Google Pixel Pro 6 Overheating Issue

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When the Tech in Your Pocket Turns Up the Heat Too High

Have you ever held the sun in your pocket? Users of the Google Pixel Pro 6 might say they've come close. In sunny California, a melting pot for tech innovation and consumer rights, the heat is on for Google. A proposed class action has brought to light a sizzling issue: Pixel Pro 6 phones are allegedly overheating to the point of being unusable.

The boiling point: when tech gets too hot to handle

Plaintiff Jennifer Hyatt, leading the charge in Los Angeles Superior Court, claims to have been burned—figuratively—by "numerous" Pixel Pro 6 phones since 2021. Each replacement phone, she alleges, came with the same scorching defect. “Each phone had the same overheating defect, which would render the phone virtually unusable after minimal use," Hyatt's frustration is palpable in her complaint.

Google's response: a lukewarm band-aid?

Google, apparently, isn't oblivious to the temperature trouble, with a help page suggesting how to keep your Pixel from getting too hot. But is this akin to putting a Band-Aid on a third-degree burn? Hyatt thinks so. She accuses Google of playing with fire, claiming the tech giant continued to market the Pixel Pro 6 as the next big thing in cool tech, all while knowing it could turn into a handheld toaster.

California's consumer laws and Google's alleged missteps

Hyatt's lawsuit isn't just blowing smoke. She's taking a stand for Californians, wielding the state's consumer protection laws like a firefighter's hose against what she labels as Google's fire of deception. The allegations are serious, accusing Google of negligent and intentional misrepresentation under laws designed to keep the marketplace honest.

A class action to douse the flames

As the legal heat intensifies, Hyatt seeks a class action status to rally Californian consumers who've felt the burn of the Pixel Pro 6. The lawsuit calls for Google to sound the alarms with ads alerting users to the overheating issue, to recall the fiery phones, and to refund those who got their fingers burned. And, she's turning up the temperature with demands for punitive damages.

Caught in the crossfire: what this means for Pixel Pro 6 users

As we await the courtroom showdown, this case poses a burning question: How will Google navigate the fiery path of innovation while ensuring its products don't get too hot to handle? For now, the Pixel Pro 6 saga serves as a reminder that in the world of tech, sometimes the most innovative feature could be a reliable product that doesn't come with a risk of overheating.

If you're in California and your Pixel Pro 6 has been more of a pocket warmer than a smartphone, this class action could be your call to action. It's not just about refunds; it's a challenge to corporate accountability, ensuring that no consumer gets left out in the cold—or in this case, the heat.

The plaintiffs are represented by Abbas Kazerounian, David J. McGlothlin, Mona Amini and Gustavo Ponce of Kazerouni Law Group APC and Adib Assassi and Veronica Cruz of Assassi & Cruz Law Firm PC.The proposed Google Pixel Overheating class action lawsuit is Hyatt v. Google, Case No. 24STCV03285, in the Superior Court of the State of California, County of Los Angeles.



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