Paramount Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Wage Theft

Paramount wage theft lawsuit

Crew Members Claim Unpaid Wages, Missed Breaks, and Lack of Reimbursement

Hollywood giant Paramount Pictures is facing a new class action lawsuit filed by film and television crew members alleging a web of labor law violations. The lawsuit accuses Paramount of shortchanging workers in several ways.

Paramount's Late Paychecks Leave Crew Members Financially Strapped

Crew members, like plaintiff Timothy O'Cain who worked on productions like "The Offer" and "Wild Chickens," reportedly waited weeks to receive their paychecks. The lawsuit contends similar delays affected crew members on other projects, putting them in financial straits due to late payments. California law mandates that wages be paid by a specific deadline, and late payments can incur penalties for each day overdue.

Denied Breaks and Unpaid Expenses Add to Paramount's Alleged Labor Violations

Beyond missed paycheck deadlines, the lawsuit alleges that Paramount failed to provide required meal and rest breaks as mandated by California law. This reportedly included instances where crew members weren't given breaks at all, or breaks were significantly delayed. 

Furthermore, the suit claims that even when breaks were provided, Paramount required crew members to remain available by walkie-talkie or cell phone, essentially negating the purpose of these breaks and impacting worker well-being. California law mandates specific meal and rest break durations, and failure to provide them can result in additional compensation owed to workers.

Adding to the financial burden, the lawsuit alleges that Paramount did not reimburse crew members for necessary business expenses they incurred on the job. These expenses reportedly included costs associated with cell phone usage, which Paramount allegedly mandated they maintain at all times, and even the rental or purchase of production equipment. 

California law requires employers to cover certain business-related expenses, and Paramount's alleged failure to do so adds to the financial burden placed on crew members.

Paramount's Wage Statements and Records Questioned for Lack of Transparency

The lawsuit further accuses Paramount of issuing inaccurate wage statements and failing to provide complete employment records upon request. These practices violate state labor laws and make it difficult for workers to track their earnings and ensure they're being paid correctly. Accurate wage statements and accessible employment records are crucial for worker transparency and financial security.

This isn't the first time Paramount has faced accusations of labor law violations. In 2016, the company settled a class action lawsuit with former production assistants who claimed they were denied overtime pay and forced to work in harsh conditions.

In the Paramount wage and hour class action lawsuit, O'Cain wants to represent film and television crew members who worked on Paramount productions in California over the past four years. He is seeking compensation for unpaid wages, penalties for late payments, reimbursement for business expenses, and potentially other damages.

Case Details

  • Lawsuit: T. O’Cain v. Paramount Pictures Corporation, et al.
  • Case Number: 24STCV12693
  • Court: California Superior Court, County of Los Angeles

Plaintiffs' Attorneys

  • Alan Harris, David Garrett, and Min Ji Gal (Harris & Ruble)



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