SunPro Solar Faces TCPA Class Action Lawsuit Over Unwanted Calls

sunpro solar unwanted calls

Do Not Call Registry Ignored? Lawsuit Claims SunPro Solar Harasses Consumers with Robocalls

Solar panel company SunPro Solar needs to put down the phone, according to consumers who accuse the company of violating federal laws by placing unsolicited and annoying calls to consumers - including those on the Do Not Call Registry. 

Cold calling without permission

The proposed class action lawsuit filed by Tanisha Tutson in California accuses Sunpro Solar of violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act in its practice of cold calling people without their prior express written consent. 

“Defendant willfully or knowingly allowed telemarketing calls to be placed to Plaintiff’s and the Class Members’ cellular telephone numbers on the National Do-Not Call Registry,” she says in the lawsuit.

Tutson claims the company uses "pre-recorded voices" and disregards the Do Not Call Registry, both clear violations of the TCPA. She seeks injunctive relief and damages for herself and others nationwide who have received unwanted calls from SunPro Solar in the past four years.

A history of unwanted calls

This isn't the first time SunPro Solar has been accused of violating the TCPA. In:

  • 2021: A consumer sued SunPro Solar for making unwanted calls to their home phone.
  • 2020: Another lawsuit alleged SunPro Solar bombarded a consumer with robocalls, intruding on their privacy.

SunPro Solar isn’t alone in facing TCPA claims

SunPro Solar isn't the only company facing legal action for violating the TCPA. This month, SoulCycle’s was sent pedaling straight into a lawsuit that accuses the fitness giant of harming consumers, not with sore muscles from spinning on a bike, but from receiving harassing, aggravating, and disruptive text messages. 

Meanwhile, Miami resident Mauricio Cardero filed a proposed class action lawsuit against Keller Williams Realty, Inc. saying despite him never being a customer of the company and asking it to stop messaging him, the realty firm repeatedly sent messages to his personal cell. 

Tutson is represented by Abbas Kazerounian, David J. McGlothlin and Gustavo Ponce of Kazerouni Law Group, APC.

The SunPro Solar TCPA class action lawsuit is Tutson v. SunPro Solar, Inc., Case No. 5:24-cv-00899, in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.



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