NOW Magnesium Citrate Class Action: Do Softgels Deliver Promised Dose?

NOW Magnesium Citrate Softgels

NOW Health Group Sued: Magnesium Supplements Under Scrutiny

Taking magnesium supplements for muscle cramps, migraines, or better sleep? A new class action lawsuit claims popular brand Now Health Group may be misleading customers about the amount of magnesium actually in their capsules. 

Tiny Capsules, Big Magnesium Claims? Lawsuit Says It's Impossible

The lawsuit, filed by consumers Phillip Stonehart and Moussa Kouyate, argues that the advertised 400mg of elemental magnesium per serving in NOW's Magnesium Citrate Softgels is simply impossible. They claim the capsule size and the types of magnesium used (citrate, glycinate, and malate) wouldn't allow for that amount.

The pair allege that NOW Health Group (NOW) is misrepresenting the magnesium content of its supplements, thereby violating federal law and regulations. This mislabeling not only harms consumers financially but could also pose health risks for those who rely on accurate dosages of magnesium.

Stonehart and Kouyate contend that it's physically impossible to fit 400 mg of elemental magnesium into three softgel capsules (a single serving), especially given the specific magnesium complex NOW claims to use. This complex, consisting of 2,018mg of magnesium citrate, glycinate, and malate, has a far too low concentration of elemental magnesium to reach the advertised amount.

The plaintiffs propose two possibilities: either the supplements contain significantly less magnesium than advertised, or they contain magnesium from other, lower-quality sources. Either way, they argue, NOW's supplements are "misbranded" and have no economic value, entitling consumers to a full refund.

Why Do People Take Magnesium?

People take magnesium supplements primarily to address deficiencies and support various health aspects like muscle function, bone health, cardiovascular health, and nervous system support.

It also plays a crucial role in energy production, glucose regulation, and maintaining a healthy sleep cycle. The mineral is involved in a number of bodily functions, including energy production, bone development, and DNA/RNA synthesis, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Magnesium supplements are used to manage conditions like muscle cramps, migraines, anxiety, and insomnia. Deficiencies can occur due to poor diet, medical conditions that impair absorption, or increased needs during pregnancy and aging.

Now’s Magnesium Citrate Capsules Joins List Of Questionable Supplements

NOW’s Magnesium Citrate Softgels are just the latest health supplement to join a list of supplements facing heat from consumers over alleged false advertising, and the allegations come hot on the heels of another company being sued over its magnesium pills.  

Just like NOW, troubled supplement company GNC Holdings also advertises their “Super Magnesium” pills as having 400mg of magnesium per serving, but a new class action lawsuit filed by consumers accuses them of having significantly less, closer to 150mg. 

Meanwhile, other supplements companies, including one co-founded by podcaster and celebrity Joe Rogan and one that allegedly sells “highly addictive” kratom products that act like an opioid, are facing legal action from consumers for false advertising. 

In the NOW Magnesium Citrate false advertising class action lawsuit, Stoneheart and Kouyate want to represent consumers nationwide. They allege violations of state consumer protection laws and are seeking financial compensation for those who bought the mislabeled product. 

Case Details

  • Lawsuit: Stonehart et al v. Now Health Group, Inc.
  • Case Number: 1:24-cv-04436
  • Court: U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois

Plaintiffs' Attorneys

  • Sergei Lemberg (Lemberg Law, LLC)



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