Pillow Cube Hit with Class Action Lawsuit Over Deceptive Return Fees

pillow cube deceptive return fees

Pillow Cube in Hot Water Over "Free Return" Fee Fiasco

A recently filed class action lawsuit accuses Pillow Cube of misleading customers about their return policy. The lawsuit alleges that Pillow Cube, a company known for its side-sleeper pillows, deceives customers by advertising "free returns" while simultaneously charging hidden fees.

The case against Pillow Cube

The Pillow Cube class action lawsuit hinges on two key points:

  • Misleading "Free Returns" Fee: The suit claims that Pillow Cube partners with Redo Tech, an e-commerce software developer. Redo Tech's software automatically adds a $2.98 fee to customer carts labeled "Try Risk Free with Free Returns or Exchanges." However, the lawsuit alleges this fee does not actually cover free returns.

  • Hidden 15% Restocking Fee: According to the lawsuit, even after paying the $2.98 fee, customers are still hit with a hefty 15% "restocking fee" when they return their pillows. This fee is undisclosed at checkout, creating a deceptive practice, the lawsuit argues.

The plaintiffs, a couple from Wisconsin, claim they were unaware of the 15% fee until they tried to return their pillows. They allege they wouldn't have paid the $2.98 fee if they knew about the additional charge.

The lawsuit's scope

The lawsuit seeks to represent all U.S. consumers who:

  • Purchased a Pillow Cube pillow.
  • Paid for Redo Tech's "free return" service.
  • Returned their pillow within 60 days and were charged a 15% fee.

Wider implications

The Pillow Cube case isn't an isolated incident. In 2012, a class action lawsuit against Great Escape Lodge & Indoor Waterpark alleges it fails to disclose a processing fee upfront when customers select tickets and book rooms on their website, in violation of New York law. Both lawsuits argue that companies have a responsibility to be upfront about the true cost of their services.

In fact, New York recently passed a law specifically aimed at cracking down on companies charging hidden fees, and Congress introduced the Junk Fee Prevention Act in 2023. These efforts highlight a growing concern over deceptive pricing tactics employed by some businesses.

Looking ahead

It remains to be seen how the court will rule and whether Pillow Cube will be required to change its return policy or compensate customers. However, this case serves as a reminder for consumers to be wary of hidden fees and to carefully read return policies before making a purchase.

The plaintiffs are represented by Nathan E. DeLadurantey of DeLadurantey Law Office LLC and Luke Hudock of Hudock Law Group LLC.

The Pillow Cube deceptive return fees class action lawsuit is Hogan, et al v. Pillow Cube Inc., et al, Case No. 2:24-cv-00403-NJ, in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin.



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