Fake Fashion Deals? Torrid Sued Over Allegedly Inflated Prices and Deceptive Sales

Torrid accused of fake sales tactics.

California Shoppers Claim Retailer Misleads Customers with Marked-Up Prices Disguised as Discounts

Everyone loves a good deal, especially when it comes to trendy clothes. However, a new class action lawsuit alleges that women's fashion retailer Torrid is tricking customers into believing they're getting deep discounts on clothing that was never actually sold at a higher price.

All sale prices are fake, lawsuit alleges

The lawsuit, filed by California residents Crystal Jillson and Carmen Perez, accuses Torrid of violating consumer laws by using misleading "sale" tactics on their website.

According to the complaint, Torrid displays clothing with a "sale" price alongside a much higher "original" price. However, the lawsuit alleges that these "original" prices are entirely fabricated.

"All or nearly all the reference prices on the website are false and misleading," the lawsuit claims. These inflated prices are simply a tool to deceive customers into thinking they're getting a significant discount, when in reality, they may be paying more than the item's actual value.

Torrid tricks consumers into thinking there is a discount

Torrid wants consumers to believe their products were once listed on its website at a higher price, but are now being sold at a substantial discount, the lawsuit says.

The only purpose of the reference price is to mislead customers into believing it is the price the company usually lists the product at, it says.

“As a result, Defendant falsely conveys to customers that they are receiving a substantial markdown or discount.”

The plaintiffs are looking to represent anyone nationwide who purchased one or more items from www.torrid.com, at a discount from a higher reference price. They are seeking certification of the class action, damages, fees, costs and a jury trial.

Not the first retailer accused of deceptive pricing

Torrid isn't alone in facing heat over pricing tactics. Earlier this year, JC Penney was slapped with a similar class action lawsuit, accused of misleading customers with deceptive sales.

In March, the spotlight shifted to online mattress seller Purple, with a lawsuit alleging they tricked customers into thinking they were getting a steal, when in reality they were paying full price.

Foot Locker also felt the sting of a class action in July 2023. The New York lawsuit accused them of creating false urgency by warning customers that items were about to sell out. This tactic allegedly pressured customers into impulse purchases.

Finally, Old Navy reached a settlement in 2021 after accusations of falsely inflating prices.

Jillson, Perez, and the proposed class are represented by Alexander E. Wolf of Milberg Coleman Bryson Phillips Grossman PLLC. 

The Torrid fake sales class action lawsuit is Jillson et al v. Torrid LLC, Case No. 2:24-cv-03404 in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California. 



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