Kraft Faces Misleading Advertising Claims: Is Your Cheese The Real Deal?

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Kraft faces accusations of misleading consumers over Velveeta cheese sauce.

Ever stared at a box of Velveeta Shells & Cheese and wondered if the golden, creamy sauce coating your favorite macaroni is the "real cheese" the label promises? You're not alone. A class action lawsuit filed in New York is challenging Kraft Heinz, the giant behind the beloved Velveeta brand, on just that question.

Peeling back the cheese label

The proposed Velveeta cheese class action lawsuit centers on a simple accusation: Kraft is selling us a vision of cheese-laden dreams, but the reality might be more "oil" than "dairy". The claim? The cheese sauce we believed was predominantly cheese is actually a concoction where whey and canola oil take center stage, with cheddar cheese only making a guest appearance.

Cheese or cheesed off?

Imagine this: you pick up a box of Shells & Cheese, enticed by the promise of 'real cheese' goodness. But when you flip to the ingredients, what do you find? Whey and canola oil listed before cheese. It's like expecting a chocolate chip cookie and finding more dough than chocolate. Disappointing, right?

The Velveeta class action lawsuit alleges that Kraft Heinz has not been as honest as they should be under the law. They're accused of a bait-and-switch that violates New York's consumer protection laws. By not disclosing the true nature of Velveeta "cheese" sauce, the lawsuit argues that consumers like Martin Sisca, who filed the complaint, ended up paying more for what they thought was a better product.

Why it matters

Now, you might wonder, "Why all the fuss over some cheese?" It's about trust. When you pay for 'real cheese', you're expecting to get what you pay for, not a blend of byproducts. It's also about the integrity of food labeling and consumer rights. The implications stretch far beyond just a box of macaroni.

In the words of the plaintiff

According to the Kraft false advertising class action lawsuit, Sisca bought Velveeta Shells & Cheese under the impression that he was getting a product made with a significant amount of real cheese. He now feels misled and is not just fighting for his own refunds but also standing up for all New Yorkers who've spooned these shells onto their dinner plates.

To sum it up

The question this lawsuit poses is simple: should we settle for less when we're promised more? It's not just about the cheese—it's about honesty in advertising and the right to get what you pay for. Whether this lawsuit melts away or sticks to Kraft Heinz like, well, cheese, it's a reminder to look closely at what's behind the glossy images on our food packages.

So, next time you're about to dive into that creamy bowl of mac and cheese, take a moment to consider: Is it the real deal, or is there more than meets the eye?

The plaintiff is represented by Spencer Sheehan of Sheehan & Associates PC.

The proposed Kraft cheese misleading advertising class action lawsuit is Martin Sisca v. Kraft Heinz Food Co., Case No. 2:24-cv-00813, in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York.



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