Ikea and Caesarstone Face Class Action Over Staining Quartz Countertops

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Ikea And Caesarstone Face A Class Action Over Quartz Countertops That Reportedly Stain Easily, Challenging Their Quality And Warranty Coverage.

Two California residents have stirred the pot in what may become a kitchen nightmare for Ikea and Caesarstone, with a class action claiming that quartz countertops sold by the companies bear a hidden defect leading to irreversible damage.

The class action alleges that Ikea's Kasker custom quartz countertops, along with Caesarstone's own quartz products, are marred by a defect that causes them to stain, streak, or become marked from typical daily activities. According to the plaintiffs, these blemishes are not just skin deep—they're permanent and resistant to any recommended cleaning method.

A marked problem

The plaintiffs, Sarah Boldt and Lisa Jaime, residents of Los Angeles, California, recount their experience with the countertops in question. Their journey began with multiple trips to Ikea's Burbank showroom, where they selected their 3cm Kasker Anthracite Stone Effect custom countertops, later found to be a Caesarstone product—4033 Rugged Concrete Dark Grey Quartz Countertop.

However, the trouble started soon after the installation. Water stains from the bottom of a glass refused to fade away, despite adherence to the cleaning protocol. A warranty specialist's response only added salt to the wound, indicating the concrete finish was naturally harder to clean, a fact not disclosed to Boldt and Jaime at the point of sale.

According to the complaint, despite knowledge of the issue dating back to at least 2015, Ikea and Caesarstone have not only failed to inform customers about the susceptibility of their countertops to damage but have also brushed off complaints with excuses and denials. The suit argues that if consumers had been aware of this flaw, the countertops would have been less appealing, or the price paid would have reflected the risk of damage.

Warranty woes

Central to the plaintiffs' case is the warranty—or lack thereof. Caesarstone's warranty sidesteps issues of "routine maintenance," including the removal of stains and water spots, directing customers to their online care guidelines. Ikea's warranty echoes this sentiment, excluding coverage for wear and tear that encompasses stains, scratches, and the like. 

The consumers contend that this warranty doesn't stand up to the reality of stubborn stains and water spots that defy their care instructions.

“Prior to this exchange, neither IKEA nor Caesarstone had told [the plaintiffs] that the countertops they had chosen took more effort to clean,” the lawsuit states, “To date, [the plaintiffs] have not received a permanent repair to the defect under warranty and their countertops continue to exhibit the defect.”

This lawsuit isn't just about two displeased customers; it's poised to represent anyone in the U.S. who's faced similar issues with these countertops. The class action seeks to represent any person or entity in the United States that purchased Ikea’s Kasker custom quartz countertops or Caesarstone’s quartz countertops. It not only seeks recompense for the plaintiffs but also aims to shine a light on business practices that might leave consumers bearing the brunt of undisclosed product defects.

The plaintiffs are represented by Tarek H. Zohdy, Cody R. Padgett, Laura E. Goolsby, and Nathan N. Kiyam of Capstone Law APC.

The Ikea Caesarstone defective countertops class action lawsuit is Boldt et al. v. Caesarstone USA Inc. et al., Case No. 2:24-cv-02343, in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.



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