Zantac Lawsuits: 70,000 Cases to Proceed in Delaware

Zantac heartburn medicine

Court Ruling Opens Door for Zantac Cancer Trials

A Delaware judge has cleared the path for over 70,000 lawsuits claiming the discontinued heartburn drug Zantac caused cancer to proceed in state court. This decision is a major blow to pharmaceutical giants GSK, Pfizer, Sanofi, and Boehringer Ingelheim, who have vehemently denied any link between Zantac and cancer. GSK's share price even dropped 10% following the ruling, wiping out nearly $9 billion of the company's market value.

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Court Victory for Zantac Victims: Judge Rules Evidence Warrants Jury Trials

Superior Court Judge Vivian Medinilla, in her 102-page ruling, acknowledged that while the defendants raised valid concerns about the methodologies of some expert witnesses, she ultimately determined that the evidence presented by the plaintiffs warranted a jury's assessment.

"When experts disagree, or credibility or other questions confound the reliability issue, resolution of those issues rests with the jurors," Judge Medinilla wrote. "Delaware courts are loath to step into the heart of technical debate between opposing scientists."

This ruling is a major victory for the thousands of plaintiffs who allege they developed cancer after taking Zantac, a drug that was once the world's best-selling medicine.

Zantac's Troubled Past: Settlements and Denials Amidst Cancer Concerns

Despite maintaining their stance that there is no reliable evidence linking Zantac to cancer, both Pfizer and Sanofi have recently settled thousands of Zantac lawsuits. In early May 2024, Pfizer agreed to settle over 10,000 personal injury claims from Zantac users in several U.S. state courts. The financial details of the settlement have not been disclosed. 

Earlier, in April 2024, Sanofi settled approximately 4,000 Zantac cases in the U.S. for a reported $100 million, averaging roughly $25,000 per plaintiff.

Both companies, along with GSK, plan to appeal the Delaware ruling, according to Reuters.

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Your Rights as a Zantac User: Seek Legal Help if You Developed Cancer

The Delaware ruling opens the door for a potential flood of Zantac trials in state court. For those who believe they were harmed by Zantac, this decision may represent their last opportunity to seek justice.

If you or a loved one developed cancer after taking Zantac, or if you tragically lost someone to cancer who used this medication, you may be entitled to compensation. This situation has raised serious concerns about the safety of a once widely-used drug and has opened the door for legal action against the manufacturers of Zantac.

Understanding your rights and exploring your legal options is crucial. Don't hesitate to seek guidance from experienced legal professionals who are familiar with the ongoing Zantac litigation. They can provide you with the information and support you need to navigate this complex situation and pursue a claim for compensation.

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